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    • Data Analytics: Getting Past the Easy Part (the Technology) 2018/06/19
      Everyone is seeking the holy grail of data analytics and, now, its derivatives – artificial intelligence and machine learning. The tools and platforms to accomplish this are powerful, and more programs across the country are offering training in data science and analytics skills. So what’s the holdup? Essentially, organizations are getting in their own way.. […]
      Joe McKendrick
    • Don’t Worry, it’s not You. The Data Governance Finish Line Has Moved 2018/06/18
      I’ve been a practitioner, analyst and all-around evangelist of data governance for the majority of my career. And during this time, I’ve never lost faith that executive leaders across all industries would eventually understand the need for data governance — and make it one of their company’s strategic priorities. And we’ve witnessed some incredible changes.. […]
      Rob Karel

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    • SAPinsider #BIHANA2018 Prague: Your Complete Analytics Guide 2018/06/15
      Coming in hot off SAPPHIRE NOW 2018, SAP Analytics looks to carry its momentum into SAPinsider #BIHANA2018 Prague. This June 27-29, SAP will continue to showcase the latest innovations in business intelligence and analytics to (more...)
      Mitesh Patel
    • Should I Supervise My Machine Learning? 2018/06/14
      There is a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Technically, machine learning has been around for many years.  It’s now moving more into the mainstream world solving business problems in (more...)
      Kevin McConnell


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